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Upon passing through the tree-lined entry, you will see the dedication to preserving the history of our city while maintaining an environmentally conscious and modern spin on the traditional arts and crafts style home. You will find no other community that builds each and every home with the highest quality green materials while mixing modern and classic touches to bring a truly unique product to Asheville.



This project is a family endeavor built in the spirit of the historic architecture that has made Asheville a coveted destination for decades.

This project was conceived by Chris Mriscin, an Oakley resident and entrepreneur, who wanted to see quality and craftsmanship brought to his own neighborhood. He pitched this idea of a green, arts and crafts style community to his father, Len Mriscin, who has always been inspired by historic architecture, and Wanoca Cottages was born!

They decided to enlist the expertise of general contractor, Mike Sokol, from Wisconsin. Mike has been a long-time family friend and builder of luxury timber homes for the last 50 years. He began building at the young age of 14 and his passion for creativity, quality, and style made him one of the premier mid-western custom home builders. He has been highlighted in Timber Frame Magazine and has presented at numerous home shows across the nation with his unique flair for dramatic presentation and his attention to detail.

When Mike heard about this project he was excited to embark on this new journey and is now an Asheville resident. We are proud to bring his skill and artisanry to our community!



Wanoca cottages, located within a private residential community, boast a distinctive setting and character with a wide range of amenities and conveniences for the homeowners. Each cottage has architecturally pleasing design elements and exquisite attention to detail which combine to create a one-of-a-kind home that is elegant, comfortable and inviting! Cottage house plans offer a wide range of desirable features and plans provide large, expansive front porches where homeowners cans sit and enjoy the long, summer afternoons.

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